Sabcat’s Ethics

It’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about political imagery that Sabcat is run by anarchists. We’re also IWW members so workers rights are obviously important to us. Because of this we’ve chosen the brand of t-shirt we print on carefully.

All of our designs are printed on Continental Earth Positive 100% organic t-shirts. These t-shirts are produced in factories that are powered by wind and solar and crucially for us are Fair Wear Foundation certified. For full details of the Earth Positive clothing ethical policy Click here. As well as only printing onto Earth Positive t-shirts and bags we also use biodegradable packaging to send them out.

How we arrived at using Earth Positive

We initially used Starworld and Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. Having two suppliers both producing similar quality t-shirts made finding stock when we needed it easy – if one didn’t have what we wanted available we were sure to be able to get it from the other. Both Starworld and Fruit of the Loom have a published ethical policy guaranteeing no child labour and freedom of association for their workforce – They claim not to be anti union.

Fruit of the Loom recently closed a factory in Honduras shortly after the workforce unionised and as such they’re the subject to a boycott by universities in the UK and US and other organisations such as One World.

Knowing this, there’s no way we could go on using Fruit of the Loom. So we went in search of another ethical manufacturer, chose Continental and raised our game.

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