Artwork Guidelines

Firstly, if you can’t do graphics yourself, ask us- what you want may take just minutes if its simple. If you’re from a union, activist or community group etc we’ll help out where we can.

We generally print up to just under A3 size, 400mmx290mm for a t-shirt front or back print.  Larger prints are possible but bear in mind that A3 is too large for some garments, it is too big for some women’s cut shirts in smaller sizes for example. Big is not always best. We would suggest 270mm wide as big enough – and still wont fit on all garments.

For any concerns over complex artwork such as colour separation for process prints, please just ask. We can deal with it but can’t cover complicated matters in this basic art guide.

Files For Screen Prints

There are typically two types – Vector and Raster.

Vector Files

Prefered types- .ai  .pdf  .svg  .eps . It stands a fair chance we can deal with other types. Convert any fonts to outlines to paths. Making a note of any fonts you’ve used may prove useful in the future.

Raster Files (pixel images).

Prefered – .PNG .bmp .jpg .jpeg .gif .psd   Resolution needs to be at least 300dpi at the print size which means a 10 inch wide (25cm approx) print would need to be 3000 pixels wide. A course stylised halftone is possible at lower resolutions but it’s best that halftone processing of photos is done by us at the screen making stage.

Files For PVC and Fabric Banners

Artwork needs to be supplied in either vector or raster in CMYK format. Raster elements need to be at 150 dpi at the print size for best results. Check that when saving a pdf in Adobe Illustrator.

PVC Banners need a 5mm Bleed. Art Details in the bleed area may or may not be in the finished product – this 5mm is where the hem is folded, it is hand finished not precise – Avoid text there. A 5mm bleed is an additional 5mm all around the outside dimensions of the design. For example a 100 x 100 cm banner image will be 101 x 101 cm as there is an extra 5mm on the left side, right side, top side and bottom side.  Fabric banners need a 20mm bleed.

Eyelets on banners are in a 40/50 mm border all around the edge – so avoid small text in this area.